what is java-script ??

what is java-script ??

In this post i am going to share What is java-script

Java-script is a turnkey play programming language. That you may have used java-script has some distinctive features to it.

It’s interpret it’s somewhat loosely type it admits to a variety of different styles of programming. But java-script is an interesting language and an exciting language for a very simple reason .

History of Java-script.

When it was release in 1995 it was release as part of Netscape. Navigator a web browser it was designe by someone at Brendan Eich. Released in early versions of Netscape navigator.

And very quickly java-script was support by all major browsers. So major browsers will run JavaScript code inside the browser. They’re interpret java-script is an interpreted programming language.

  • Without plugins without external software so this is really the key. I think that is allowed JavaScript to push out. Other competing technologies like Java applets and flash and other things.
  • All of those technologies all that you could use to build interactive web pages. All require external software and JavaScript does not the browser. In addition to rendering HTML.
  • You know using CSS to style the page is also a little program interpreter and it’ll run pieces of code written in JavaScript. So for a time that was the main place the JavaScript brand.
  • Now I actually just found out recently that early on Netscape. Actually tried to push JavaScript it’s a general-purpose programming language.
  • That you could use in other places. But for a time the place where JavaScript Ram was on the web-page. So if you open up this page just the chrome page about blank open up your development console.

When you’re at the console here what you’re doing is this is a JavaScript interpreter so i can write java-script in here and the browser will run it.


I can initialize a var a variable. I can set it to 0 and then I can print the value of var which is 0. And if I want to var can set it to a different value. And I can print that value.

java Script

So this is you know if you’ve used python. Or they’re interpreted programming language, is this is a JavaScript interpreter and throw a long time.

I said the main place that java-script is interpreted was in the browser. But then recently maybe about 10 , 15 years ago there’s been this resurgence of interest in running JavaScript.

In other places so what people did is they took the JavaScript interpreter. There was baked into the browser. And they factored it out into a standalone piece of software called nodes.

Today if you want to run JavaScript you can also run it using a program called node. So I’ve got I just ran knows this is a the no JavaScript interpreter. And I can essentially do the same thing I did before.

Java Script

I can it also allows me to run console dot log and  print the value of I. I can set the value of I to a different value. And then put the new value this is another JavaScript interpreter.

Interesting Fact about Java-script:

Now i can run java-script everywhere and it’s kind of interesting to me. Because i think for a time there were all these developers. That were learning java-script because they needed to write code that ran into browser.

And at some point i think they got frustrated they were thinking.

  • Java-script it’s a really cool language. Why can’t I write in other places. And so when people came out with a new way of allowing you to write JavaScript.
  • And run it anywhere there’s this huge explosion of interest. In this tool because now you have all these people that learn. How to write JavaScript so they can write client-side code.
  • Now they can write server-side code and they can write code that runs anywhere. What’s also interesting about this is for a long time. Because JavaScript didn’t run on the server.

Every JavaScript application web application had these two components in two different languages. So you have the part that ran in the browser. There was always a JavaScript.

Because that was basically your only choice of something that could run directly in the browser. Then you had something else that ran on the server and maybe you wrote that in Python.

Or if there’s a bad old days you might write it in Perl, CGI scripts or something terrible.Like do you know Jonathan like Java has frameworks for this.

Whatever but I had this so by sort of default.My project had two languages in it because I couldn’t run JavaScript on the server. I could only run JavaScript on the client and now that i can run JavaScript everywhere.

It’s allowed on these JavaScript works. That integrate those two pieces very closely together. And it’s also a lot of people that know JavaScript to work on both server-side.

And client-side technologies that’s probably why java-script is today. I think probably one of the most popular and active programming languages. Particularly among new programmers and people that are building new things.

Because its first of all it’s a fascinating and powerful language. It has a lot of really interesting and neat features to it. But you can write it you can run into the browser. It’s the only language of runs naively in the browser. But it also now runs everywhere else.

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