What is Artificial Intelligence(AI) ??

What is Artificial Intelligence ??

In this post i am going to share about What is artificial intelligence.

In 1950 famous computer science Alan Turing posed test. That we could use to determine if computers could possess intelligence. The test is pretty simple you’re in one room.

And you’re allowed to communicate using some kind of text interface with some entity in another room. You don’t know if that entity is a computer or a person. And you’re allow to have a conversation and the goal.

Is to be able to determine whether or not that entity is a computer or a person. And if you can’t tell the difference then that entity is determine to be intelligent.

So probably the things we’re going to see in the future is the rise of artificial intelligence. we’re already seeing this well already seen. This in many ways online and probably some of the first places we’re going to encounter artificial intelligence .

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

So I’m gonna go over here to this window. And I’m going to engage in a chat session so I’m chatting with Alice. And you can find Alice online I’ll say hello and Alice says hi there.

  • I can say what’s your name her name is Alice. I’ll introduce myself that’s always polite she says that’s a very nice date. Now always thought so say that so did my mom.
  • I’m not certain whether I can give an accurate reply or not interesting okay well. It’s possible that I have just caused this computer to fail. The Turing test but let’s go let’s try to sort of continue on here.
  • What are you doing I’ll ask Alice. Alice says that’s not something I get asked all the time. Really that’s a pretty common question perhaps. You have a common answer so this is obviously not a person.


lets understand:

A person they wouldn’t have reacted this particular way. So if you chat with one of these AI chat pots for long enough. You can probably get them to say something strange.

And something that would reveal that they’re actually a computer as opposed to a human. But this is gonna be kind of fun and actually they’ve done some studies.

That show that people that it can engage in conversations like this with bots. That are programmed to sort of act like therapists. So there are websites you can go to a sort of AI therapist , google assistant. And the therapist will sort of ask you a series of very open-ended questions.

About how you’re feeling. And you know why don’t you tell me more about that kind of the same way. That an actual therapist would that you would have to pay.

You know 200 bucks an hour or whatever and but it turns out. That actually interacting with those robotic therapists is something. That people can actually really find therapeutic human beings can find that therapeutic.

I think you know one of the exciting things that we’re going to see in the future. Is this idea of computers becoming more intelligent.

I think that’s a long way before we see. That computers are going to sort of be able to act independently. But certainly computers are going to make big strides. And being able to mimic human behavior.

We’ve also seen this on in terms of computers playing games only. Ask Alice do you know that a computer can play go what is she gonna say. I am a computer so I know what you mean okay.


Well she’s just admitted that she’s a computer. One of the things that we’ve been able to teach computers. To do over the past couple decades. It’s been quite interesting is to play games.

So obviously back in the 80s you had computers . 80s and 90s have computers that we were developing to play chess. Eventually we’re able to beat grandmasters at chess. And now in many ways computer performance human performance at chess.

  • Is graded based on how a computer would have played. Because computers can easily beat. You know the most skilled human players at a game like chess. We’re actually seeing this in terms of the game called go as well .
  • Which is a game that’s much more complicated than chess. But computers are starting to learn how to play that game as well. We’ve seen Watson be able to play jeopardy and beep human jeopardy champions.
  • And this is not just idle sort of Nessa think sometimes people look. The computers playing games and they kinda think. This is kind of silly why are we spending all this time doing this.
  • But game playing requires a great deal of creativity. And a great deal of thinking and on some level our ability to teach computers how to play a game. So the fact that a computer can play go is maybe not interesting unless.

You play go yourself but the fact that a computer can play go. And play go well is actually interesting in a lot of ways. As a planning problem so it implies that computers to be able to drive cars.

We’re already seen to be able to do it. And it sort of implies the computers can handle other sort of complex situations on their own. Which is pretty exciting and so you know again. You can find Alice let’s see let me ask Alice are you a therapist no.


Can you help me out and you help me I have a problem what kind of help would you like. you can play around with them a little bit. You know BOTS have started to get in trouble there was a store of Reason away.

About a Microsoft chat bot that sort of went berserk and people taught. It to say all sorts of mean things and stuff like that.Artificial intelligence online in terms of you know how the internet reacts to us.

But I think more and more we’re going to be interacting in certain ways in very human ways. With entities that are actually computers. And a lot of that will probably start online although. We’re gonna see it more in the environment around us as well.



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