Video Games Affect the Brain-what the research says?

Video Games Affect the Brain-what the research says?

In this post i am going to share about video Game Affect the Brain

If  you and someone in your family plays games for more than 2 hours and many months have passed continuously in doing so, assume that you are going to be mentally ill because video game affect the brain and you may need treatment.

Many of you parents will be upset with your child’s addiction to playing video games. Parents will complain that you do not believe and after that your parents will start ignoring them. According to the new report of the World Health Organization, you are doing great harm to your child by doing this video game affect the brain.

Video game affect the brain

Let go deep in  how video game Affect the brain:

The World Health Organization has released a new list of diseases called ICD International Classes of disease, in this list, the video game Addicted has been consider as a mental disorder. In today’s era, medical science claims to cure every disease, but it is very difficult to treat mental illness caused by people’s habits. The treatment of such diseases is largely in your own hands.

according to W.H.O, with a gaming disorder Meaning when a person plays video games continuously and repeatedly and during this time he does not have control over his mind, that is, playing the game gets above other tasks and priorities of life, if such condition persists for 1 year.

It is consider a gaming disorder In this disease, a tremendous change in sleep and eating habits is seen, after this, there is a turn of mental illnesses such as anger over talk, defeat in video games. and playing games continuously  And playing such games creates a feeling of children becoming heroes or creating their own special identity and this feeling gradually takes an aggressive form.

Nowadays video games have come in which the characters of the team also consume cigarettes or alcohol. According to the University of Minty Gum case study, such a child can be addict to cigarettes or alcohol.many hours in the insistence of winning, reducing the interaction with family members, all these signs are an indication that you are moving towards mental illnesses like anxiety depression.

Anxiety depression.

How video game affect the brain badly:

However, in India, this problem is growing very fast in the year 2011 (ASSOCHOM) conducted a survey in 4 cities of the country Delhi , Mumbai , Jaipur and Patna in which it was found that 82% children living in these cities have 16 to 18 hours of video a week 76% of these children like to play games like fighting and violence.

According to psychology, such games teach temper and violent emotions.And playing such games creates a feeling of children becoming heroes or creating their own special identity and this feeling gradually takes an aggressive form.

Nowadays video games have come in which the characters of the team also consume cigarettes or alcohol. According to the University of Minty Gum case study, such a child can be addict to cigarettes or alcohol. In our country, there is a provision of 18 years for cigarette smoking and at least 25 years of age for consumption of alcohol.

But age rating is never taken seriously in the case of video games. The other aspect is that there is a huge market of video games in the world. There is a lot of money in this, video game market in India alone is about 4000 crores. Which is growing very fast Nearly 200 million people in India regularly play video games.

Video game companies promote their games in such a way that the person playing the game feels like a winner as well as a hero, and upon paying attention, this feeling gradually – Slowly turns into a stick and drunk However, in some cases it is also good to play video games, that is, it is also positive.

Playing video games develops the decision making power capability in the brain, reaction time is also better But this benefit only comes when this video game is play with complete restraint and at a particular time. Overall, there is a need to take a lesson from this news that the game should not be play for any longer or else this game is heavy on your health.


When I’m playing a killer race or Call of Duty, my brain gets absorbed into it completely Virtual environment . But what happens to my brain when I come out of it? Is it different 1.2 billion

People Play regularly 99% of boys under the age of 18 and 94 % of girls closed their eyes on video games. Quote “regularly” according to game designer and writer Jane McGonigle. What amounts to an alternate reality for an incredible amount of time Brain.


A study from the proceedings of the Royal Society B that came out (I think It just surfaced in the journal ), Saw Introduces another perceive twist in gamers’ minds and thumbs while playing  Action Games.

Study found that video game players have a lower stratum nucleus – the The part of the brain that internally represents the external world. Essentially, games are not helping people create real-world maps, at least according to For this study.Action gamers are using something called “response learning” instead of more advanced space Learning.
” To simplify, imagine you are trying to go to a familiar place like a friend’s house Or your favorite restaurant: “Response Learning” is when your brain makes a map using the landscape; But “place learning” is an advanced internal map, so you can find out by distance And direction – this is the difference between adding lots of bits of information.

These researchers think that action video game players are developing their stratum To the extent that it can affect them throughout their lives; They can also grow A neurological disorder! Some news outlets have call it an Alzheimer’s risk, but it is huge Jump. Here’s the thing: For every study of sports, our brains are going to be negatively affect Too many studies saying the opposite.

A study in molecular psychiatry put  games in magnetic resonance imagers to reveal  how gray matter was developing in their cabbage.

They found correlation in the size of the entorhinal cortex, and left the occipital cortex / inferior Aerial lob is relate to his ‘joystick years’ or the amount of time he definitely play Video game.

According to their results, people who play most logical, puzzle and platform games A larger anterhinal cortex, but a smaller one in action-based role-playing games. The anterhinal cortex works with the hippocampus to map memories.
And your life so You know when and where something happen and how it happen and what happened The day before, or the last time you met that person. Another study in that journal  used a similar result.
Games like Commander Keane and Super Mario 64. Science is saying, platformer and logical games are good for the entorhinal cortex, even Action-based games are not.
However, that being said, all video game players have hippocampus and gray matter Overall plasticity add! Plasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt and alter neural pathways.
More plasticity is better! And it’s not just plasticity, a study done with chimpanzee publish in Science. The news last month assesse how chimpanzee brains respond to video games.
After teaching them that play a co-operative game, the researchers found cells in the chimp .The mind predict Oops Chimp’s next move 79.4 % of the time! These chimpanzees understood what was going on in the minds of their co-operate players.


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