Top 10 Best Music Series….

Top 10 Best Music Series….!

In this post i am going to share about TOP 10 Best Music Series.

You know the music industry? You should definitely watch our picks for the Top 10 Best Music Series. When empire’s first album was inducted, into the music hall of faith.

I hope you will enjoy the following ranking Top 10 Best Music Series. Please let us know your favorite Best Music Series.

Top 10 Best Music Seies so let’s finally get into it and mention best series:

10. empire:

“I want jamal too you can’t have him. you messing with the wrong lucius.” I know things empire is a musical drama television series. Created by lee daniels and danny strong.

The title of this massive fox hit show has nothing yet. Everything to do with its monarchy-inspired title.When the founder and ceo of the fictional music, entertainment company empire entertainment is told he will die soon of a medical condition.

He must choose one of his three children to lead the dynasty.After his death knowing well that this will charge a fight of power between them.

“i’ve been living like a dog for 17 years. And now i want what’s mine. I want you all and you would sink this whole empire. Over that give me two more.”




“Nashville got about 20 tattoos and you won’t have sex. Not that i don’t want to i mean you’re beautiful so this is really fake isn’t it.” Nashville is a musical drama television series. Created by cali curry not only is the world of music endlessly complex and impossible to discover.

And understand in its home. But so are the people taking part in it. Such as the massive variety of musicians and their very unique stories. Nashville chronicles these figures trying to establish themselves.

And survive in the scene of country. Music singers showcasing struggling artists on the fall from grace and rising stars.Focus on the big songs like already gone or last stand you know.

“um i mean yeah we can do anything in any given song. But you know don’t forget it’s just me and you up there. I don’t got no band i got any backup singers. So i just think we do better just doing the things like. We did the other night and no one will ever love you type thing.”


8. Metalocalypse:

“you’ll be fine don’t stop saying die use a different thing. Use a different phrase something like , Something that’s good instead of death like hamburger time.” Metallocalypse is an adult animated television series. Created by brendan small and tommy blatcha serving not only as a cynical parody of death metal culture.

But exploring the genre to its deepest core. The series deals with themes like violence. Death and the inescapable consequences of fame centering around the larger-than-life band.

Death clock we become first-hand witnesses of how fame and popularity can affect society.And the whole world.

“If given dangerous power guys listen you’re closer to death. If you don’t see a dog hamburger shine. Please use the word hamburger time. When speaking to us you’re closer to hamburger time if you don’t see a doctor thank you .”



7. Treme :

” Difference between a gig and a job antoine you got to get a job. I got a job i’m with kermit.” Treme is a drama television series. Created by david simon and eric. Overmeyer not only serving as a showcase of how mixed. Cultures live and work together but giving fascinating insight into human.

Solidarity and passion treme is named. After a real neighborhood in new Orleans. Set three months after the horrifying events of hurricane katrina. That not only ravaged over the land but flooded it and left it in trouble.

We witness how the inhabitants must rebuild their lost lives. “That’s a gig once a week and it don’t pay enough. And you come home smelling like cigarettes. And now you see that ain’t true that ain’t well. What is it if it ain’t barbecue barbecue.”



6. Mozart in the jungle:

“Your new conductor and musical director rodrigo.” Mozart in the jungle is a comedy drama television series. Created by roman coppola. This charming takeaway from the world of classical music.

Explores the scene in new York city .When young oh boys haley tries to break into the symphony orchestra. The show follows several recurring protagonists in a world of music.

Where we encounter the obstacles advantages.But most importantly the challenges young artists have to overcome to survive in a world city. They always have to remember that music is the one thing that drives them.

“Does he also do children’s parties i think he’s amazing. That was a great performance tonight my stuff look gorilla. I love you but don’t ever underestimate me.”


Mozart in the jungle

5. Dave:

” Uh no i’m okay you want anything dave no i’m i’m uh i’m good.” Dave is a comedy television series. Created by lil dicky and jeff. Schaefer not only setting up a fictional and real life inspired biography of rap legend lil dicky.

But also exploring the world of music and the hopeful rise to fame. Dave is everything a music and comedy fan wants to see. Following a fictional version of its producer who is an eccentric and arrogant aspiring musician.

We witness how he tries to become one of the best rappers of all time. “i know what you’re thinking, how’s a guy like andre the giant meets danny devito .

Pull a girl like this i truthfully was wondering that my features are so grotesque. i’m like a science experiment gone wrong and it’s just like i i don’t know. i shot out the other side and now i’m high.



4.The Get Down:

“So be in the moment yes but give the future. y’all most attention exactly wordsmith making sure the get down part. Is ready to depart all right.”

The Get Down is a musical drama television series. Created by baslerman and stephen adley gergis. Exploring the rise of rap and hip-hop music in the 70s.

The get-down not only offers a fictional coming-of-age story.But brings new cards to the table with a fresh concept. Each episode begins with a famous rapper giving a concert that not only resumes the past episodes.

But teases what’s yet to come in the world of music. And the lives of our struggling.


The Get Down

3.Your lie in april:

Your lie in april is an anime drama television series. Created by naoshi arakawa this loving and kind-heated journey of youth. Follows jose a piano prodigy who after an accident.

Suddenly loses the ability to play not being able to hear. His own piano music he must go on a journey of self-discovery alongside an eccentric girl.

He now years later makes one last attempt of regaining. His passion resulting in a heartwarming and truly beautiful story of friendship and love.

Your lie in april

2.Flight of the concords:

“Before you came to me you were poor and you had no gigs. Now look at you we’re poor and we’ve got no gigs we’re slightly poorer.”

Flight of the Concords is a sitcom television series.Created by james bobbin jermaine clement and brett mckenzie. This purely funny journey of two young musicians who want to make it in the city of new york.

Is not only refreshing and fascinating but inspired by a real duo.Who are actually playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Coming from small new zealand the two are confronted with the strange.

And new culture of america.And how it represents possibility and challenge at the same time.“I don’t need you guys you’re unneeded okay i’ve got the crazy dogs. They’re making hit after hit doggy bounce.


Flight of the concords is a sitcom television series.
Flight of the concords


“ah what’s up guys i’m zan.” Atlanta is a comedy drama television series.Created by donald glover. An ordinary life was never an option for earn and alfred. Their goal is to start a career as professional rappers in atlanta.

But dreams always seem easier than reality. Throughout the show we follow the main characters as they make their way through the rap scene. Starting from the bottom rising to the top but on their journey. Family and friends remind them to stay grounded.

While they try to better Their and their families lives. “Yes you saw someone throw up on the booth. hey back the off paper boy man. “oh my bad is this your boy sup man i’m zan you want a hat”.


Atlanta is a comedy drama television series








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