Top 5 Programming Languages in 2021 To Get a Jobs.

Top 5 Programming Languages in 2021 To Get a Jobs.

In this post I am going to share about Top 5 Programming Languages in 2021 To Get a Jobs.

Top programming 5 languages of 2021 to get a jobs. This year there are six programming languages that are far above. All the remainder and that i have the info to back it. Up i went through every programming language on.

Five different dimensions these dimensions are number of jobs.Number of freelance jobs.

Number of learning resources what percentage people use it at work. And the trend of the language is it getting more or less popular over time. then gave every language a score and ranked them.

Relative to every other from my ranking you’ll then be ready to know where to focus your attention.

A given language in fact this isn’t getting to be perfect. And there are other job boards out there. But it gives us some idea of what percentage jobs are out there. To urge a thought of demand for freelance developers.

programming 5 language in 2021 and beyond so let’s finally get into it and mention languages:

5. c and c++:

c , c++ a low level programming language. With memory management c plus plus a super set of c so it’s sort of a c. with more features and it is also the best performing or fastest programming language.

Which means it’s written for software. Where every millisecond counts most browsers like chrome are programmed in c++. It’s used for top frequency stock training. And other low-level embedded systems.

Where hardware may be a constraint. Overall c++ had the second lowest jobs on indeed. 10 000 and therefore the lowest freelance jobs. And up-work just 54 but these numbers aren’t terrible.

Keep in mind this is often the highest six of all programming languages out there.

c and c++

4. c+ and c Sharp:

we’ve c sharp which is another c family language.With tons in common with both. c+ and c c sharp is extremely commonly used with the framework. So it’s used tons in windows development and enterprise software on top of that.

You can use c-sharp for unity game development .And a variety of other various things c sharp.Actually had double the job count of c plus plus at 20 000 but round the same a amount of freelancing jobs.

c+ and c Sharp

3. PHP:

We’ve php which is notorious to tons of individuals.For being kind of a cumbersome language to use. But it’s really not that much worse than any other language. php is quite the normal back-end language of the online.

But has in recent years lost a touch of market share to python and javascript. That said such a lot the internet remains written in php.

It’s still an excellent choice so let’s look at the numbers. The job count for php was actually the lowest of all at 5.2 k. But don’t be concerned because the freelance count was at 406.Which was the second highest.

Now the important concerning part about php. Is it’s been dropping annually in the line being all the high at 30.7.


2. python:

and this might surprise people.It isn’t higher but number Two is python.Tons of people say python is that the best language to learn first. Because it’s a reasonably straightforward syntax that’s very on the brink of.

Pseudo code in other words it hardly even looks like code. Python is additionally extremely widely used for scripting data science. And rear web development it is also popular for the trendy. But the super important part of python is, knowing the library ecosystem.

Because there is a library for nearly anything you would like to do. And it’s a part of the rationale it is so popular. Let’s check out the info though and see why it’s number Two

The job calculate indeed was 25 000. Which is that the highest we have seen thus far.



The freelance count however is merely 225. Which is a bit less than you’d probably expect.The stack overflow answer count is average at 1.6 million.

Which is sweet but not the simplest last year. 44 of people use python at work which is really really high that’s almost half all developers. And the better part of all is that the trend, which has been rising by a crazy.

Three percent per annum so 2018 was 38.8 up to 41.7 in 2019. And finally 44.1 overall python may be a great choice . And chances are you’re gonna learn it at some point.In your developer career no matter what so it isn’t really a waste of your time to learn it .



1. Java:

His is often kind of the upset Is actually java. Java likes c sharp and c++. Has strong typing meaning every variable needs a kind. And it’s also compiled. So these are quite two safeguards that prevent you from writing bad. Java and also make it great for working on in big teams.

Which is why it is the choice of the many large companies. It also has fairly good performance so can be effective in writing. Large rear applications let’s look at the numbers. And first the work count is that the huge shocker.

Because there’s actually 34 738 jobs available. Meaning java a minimum of not indeed remains the king.

Now the freelance calculate up-work is also surprisingly above python. But still less than PHP in our top spot language the stack overflow answer count.


Some people do say it’s quite a dying language. Being slowly phased out and replaced by languages. Like enter 2018 it had been 45 percent of individuals used.

2019 41 and 20 20 40. and that we can probably expect that to continue. But numerous large companies have all their code.


Now before we mention favorite here are some honorable mentions.That did not make the highest five.

For one reason or another and these languages are gonna be c ruby go and rust c remains great. And rather popular but didn’t quite make the top five

Finally our favorite language maybe to no one’s surprise. Is java-script and java-script you’ll use to do. Absolutely anything in 2020 and there is so many reasons it is the best. And i’m close to show you why?

But first what can java-script had best it is the go-to language. For front-end in order that is code which will run in the browser . It is also the bottom of front-end frameworks like react angular vue and spelt.

Not only that but java-script’s used on the back end with the node and deno runtimes. It also rivals python for having the best library ecosystem. With the npm package manager.

Which you’ll download code or libraries to try to to pretty much. Anything you would like additionally java script is that. The foundation for being a solid either word-press or shopify developer.

Which you’ll learn with a touch of additional knowledge and practice and this exposes. A huge new door for . The freelance count is that the highest and it’s not even close at almost.700 jobs on upwork and again that’s just one freelance site.

Stack-overflow answers is additionally the highest at 2.1 million. Which suggests anything you’ll possibly consider.There’s probably a solution for already and in 2020 a crazy 67.7 developers. Said they use a minimum of some java-script at work .

Which is two-thirds of everyone , so you’re almost certainly gonna find yourself. Knowing a minimum of a littleĀ  bit of java script.


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