In this post iam going to share about Top 5 Amazing Websites for Students.
Something that you do on a daily basis and  that. We Google a lot and we browse a lot for students and let’s ruin or refine the kind of browsing that we do with certain amazing website for students .

TOP 5 AMAZING Website for students that I’m going to suggest to you today

I’m sure that you’re going to really love it. And tell me that what kind of amazing websites for students do you generally  like most .Browse at scales who are in the segments of six to eight grades.
I’m sure you like a lot of games like a lot of you know tips tricks and stuff . So how it will be, if we integrate your interests with some amazing websites for students.
In other words what if I give you certain websites. Which are going to help you . all right guys here we go so today I’m going to write about five best websites for students , which I have hand-picked after browsing through a lot of them.
Which I feel that will really help you become a great student. And not just that ,you know what’s the best part you can take use all these websites really really well free of cost .
All these websites are free mostly students take a benefits of it . websites for students with amazing resources. okay so let’s see how well you can gamify your learning .



learn  a huge library of hands-on projects for STUDENTS
I’m sure you’ll love putting in your learning into practice.
Doing experiments  than again learning putting you’re learning and see how well it works. DIY is a website which will help you it’s kind of do-it-yourself experiments.
You can see any kid can anywhere can learn  a huge library .Of hands-on projects for you and not just that hard  a lot of videos also on how to conduct those experiments.
Excellent you know support is there that the kind of content that we had. They have inside that video DIY do-it-yourself .
This is the first website which I thought you know is going to really a lot of use for you. Generally kids at your segment they love doing a lot of experiments .
I am sure you would love this is a place guys . right so see here what kind of content that is there yeah secrets of drawing ,camp.
DIY becoming a music star , a co-curricular in nature strange science amazing science experiments strange science , invent your own machines , Lego is very very famous now and cook with yourself.
surprising and inventing little bits animating  your drawings etc all some experiments try them guys.
in this website student will find a lot of competitions running lot of stuff
Next one I’m sure many of you not have heard about this nasa has a website .It is called practical use of math and science pumas .
so the website is pumas that guys we all know NASA is just more of a space research organization . Not really it does a lot of things for students .
you will find a lot of competitions running lot of stuff happens here and the best part is there for educators for students specifically and different grades of students also see here.
I have the page that you are viewing now is for students between 5 to 8 class  and what will this contain it contains a lot of things you .
Find a lot of projects happening you will find a lot of information.  you know experiments that are running which you can do also and the best part in Pumas.
When you type  Pumas dot that is a website you will find whatever that you learn. It is the practical approach of that there are amazing examples for science and math to relate.
what you are learning with your day-to-day life that is what they call as practical use of math and science lovely isn’t it. I really love this you know there are around 93 amazing examples.
I want you to go through them. Enough whenever you have time all right please go through them and you will find you yourself will be astonished . pumus nasa govt so this is the website make a note of it .
They have a separate wing for science technology engineering and math they do a lot of stuff for students ,get into it do all the research and start enjoying your learning .


3] Get the math:
On the websites that I picked was  making student will enjoy in science and math
Get the math
Third website is on Get the  Math.
 see my focus  on the websites that I picked was making you enjoy in science and math .So that is why I had picked these websites. hand-picked them and prescribing them for you. Now Get the Math this is a website where you play interactive games to relate.
You know mathematical concepts gamified matter a website on gamified mathematics so this is  called as get the math . And this is also absolutely free students so all you have to do is just type get the math .
You will get it Google get the math and you will find that. This website appears so you can see here solve algebra kind of concepts with game e-file learning .
The third website is get the math you guys got it right. Try this out guys because it is very essential what’s algebra algebra happens in your day to day life.
I am just giving an example how if you go to a provision store .You buy something you give money you get the change back that’s algebra it just needs to be explained from a right context ,.and how with interactive games this particular website explains .


4] Science Kids:
Science Kids
Science Kids
The fourth one is full of projects and games with science .So i think its more of a New Zealand website science kids.
dotco dot NZ . science kids dot code or NC this is the website and this is how the website looks.
What has it got it got  lot of games on science activities that you can do worksheets lessons. videos everything fully for free.
You will have a lot of enjoyment with science and technology with this particular website . I’m sure you’re going to love this right. fourth one see something very similar to this.
I I’m telling you it’s called fun brain fun brain  in google. You will get that that also very similar use that also it’s a very good one. fun brain the website called fun brain is similar to science gates you guys are clear awesome .
5]  National Geography- Kids
National Geography- Kids
National Geography- Kids
Next on is National Geography- Kids you know the kind of quality content that National Geography Channel as a  provides.
And I hope you all of you know that there is a website that NAT that is National Geography runs for kids . it’s called Nat Geo Nat Geo .
What will you have here you will have a lot of projects .A lot of magazines you can subscribe to a few.
There you can see a lot of stuff is there.  amazing quality content that is there which is going to really excite you. Help you take you through a journey to the world of adventure and science nat geo /uk this is the website.
Which will take you to this particular page. Are able to see this page right so this is more of general knowledge. But lovely guys so whenever you are spending time browsing it’s very essential .You spend it in the right way.
I have picked these five websites for Students. and I have suggesting go through them whenever you have time. Spend enough time on every website. that is when you will be able to understand .What kind of content is there get benefit from it .

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