Top 10 Best Urban Movies.

Top 10 Best Urban Movies.

In this post i am going to share about Top 10 Best Urban  Movies.

If you want to see fantasy topics archetypes and creatures in an urban environment .Definitely watch our picks for the Top 10 best urban movies.

We hope you will enjoy the following ranking of  Top 10 Best urban  movie. please let us know your favorite best urban movie in the comments.

Lets discuses about Top 10 Best Urban Movies:

10.Bright (2017):

Right 2017. ” i don’t need no physical love humans have physical tells tales huh yeah it’s called the face bright.” Is an urban fantasy action film directed by david ayer and stars will smith joel edgerton numera pace and lucy fry.

As an attempt of a discussion on deep-rooted issues like racism and prejudice bright sets a fresh. And new tone and puts these tropes into a world. Where humans trolls and elves live side by side.

In hate ironically despite the fantastical creatures. magic is called a myth and fairy tale on earth. But as two unlikely police cop companions discover the opposite a dangerous game begins “show me the face uh. uh a orc makes when he just shut the up. don’t say and just drive to work yeah that’s it that’s it”.


Top 10 best urban movie this is a Is an urban fantasy action film
Bright (2017)

9.Odd Thomas (2013):

Odd Thomas 2013. “this is bad for business why no one can see him but me.” Odd thomas is a supernatural mystery thriller film written and directed by stephen sommers. and stars anton yelchin and willem dafoe empowered by the charisma of its leading cast.

Odd Thomas tells the tale of unlikely hero thomas. A clairvoyant cook who is forced to join a team of unlikely mates together with his sweetheart. And the cynical town sheriff he leaves on a mission against a mysterious enemy force.

Who could be bringing a massive catastrophe. “can’t you forget him I have a gift wouldn’t mean given to me if i wasn’t supposed to use it maybe it’s not a gift .It’s a gift i still got the box of cayman here take my keys empty show up for dinner alive because remember i can’t see the dead .


top 10 best urban movie this is a Odd thomas is a supernatural mystery thriller film written and directed by stephen sommers. and stars anton yelchin and willem dafoe empowered by the charisma of its leading cast.
Odd Thomas (2013)

8.Highlander (1986):

Highlander 1986 highlander is a fantasy action adventure film. directed by russell mulcahy and stars christopher lambert roxanne hart clancy brown and sean connery. Making space for the good old mystery of fantastical stories .

Highlander sets the tone with a magical swordfight between arch rivals. In a new york parking lot when two forensic partners catch track of on what might have actually happened. They find themselves caught up in a never-ending war between the immortal powers of gods and demigods.

Highlander (1986)

7.Fantastic Beasts (2016):

Fantastic beast  2016. “It was open just a speech that crazy niffler thing’s on the loose again uh might be.” fantastic beasts is an urban fantasy film series.Created by jk rowling and stars eddie redmayne catherine waterson and dan fogler.

As a prequel yet enlargement of the beloved harry potter lore the fantastic beasts franchise. Follows ambitious yet confused wizard newt scamander on his journey to explore the magical world of fantastical beasts to write a book about them.

But while life seems good dark forces are on the horizon .And a new great enemy lurks in the shadows “wake up listen no match mercy louis. What is that nothing to worry about that is a murder what else have you got in there

Fantastic Beasts (2016)

6.Constantine (2005):

Constantine” i was 2005 of this how’s my mind crossing over. you after you piece of shit.” constantine is a 2005 occult detective film. Directed by francis lawrence and stars keanu reeves rachel weiss shia labeouf and tilda swinton.

It is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift .Now he has no choice but to save the planet from the purest evil. Being able to see spirits both good and bad that walk among us .

Constantine uconstantine is given the responsibility to act as a guardian in the middle ground between them. “you do know what it is to truly be forgiven to be welcomed into the kingdom of god.

Constantine (2005)

5.Angel heart (1987):

Angel heart 1987 “johnny came across an obscure right in an ancient manuscript he needed a victim. Somewhat his own age why.” angel heart is a neo-noir psychological horror film.

Written and directed by alan parker and stars mickey rourke robert de niro lisa bonnet and charlotte rampling.Combining authentic noir flair with ruthless violence and a disturbing atmosphere.

Angel heart follows private investigator harry angel receiving the mysterious case of following. An iconic singer through the city but as the case evolves.He falls right into a spiral of black magic mysticism and a conspiracy that leads right to his client.

“what ceremony the boy was bound naked on a rubber mat. There were complicate incantations and stuff in latin and greek. A pentacle was brand on his chest margaret handed johnny.Aa virgin dagger and he sliced the boy clean open and he ate his heart.”


Angel heart (1987)

4.Big trouble in little china (1986):

Big trouble in little china 1986 big trouble in little china is a fantasy martial arts action comedy film. Directed by john carpenter and stars kurt russell kim cattrell dennis dunn and james hong well driven by a purely absurd premise.

Big trouble in little china is creative through a perfect genre mix and never taking itself too seriously. When a hard-boiled truck driver finds himself in a war between his friend and a chinatown crime lord. He goes down a pipeline of black magic spiritual forces and dark religion.

Big trouble in little china (1986)

3. The Crow (1994):

The Crow 1994 the crow is a superhero film.Directed by alex proyes and stars brandon lee ernie hudson and michael wincott. Leaving behind a tragic legacy regarding its main protagonist. But more because of its gothic world and stylish visuals the crow is a superhero movie of the other kind.

Once murdered and having everything he loved taken away from him. Eric rises from the dead to become a powerful undead being.And finds salvation and revenge against the gang that killed his fiancee.” jesus christ walks into a hotel don’t you ever die.”

Top 10 best urban series this is a The Crow 1994 the crow is a superhero film.
The Crow(1994)

2. Ghostbusters (1984):

Ghostbusters is a 1984 supernatural comedy film. Directed by ivan reitman and stars bill murray dan aykroyd sigourney weaver harold ramis and rick moranis .This rather charming family-friendly adventure follows a group of friends.

Who can not be more different but who team up to form the ghostbusters. When more and more supernatural events occur in the city of new york. The world’s last chance before humanity can be wipe out in this charismatic joyride it becomes clear.

That there is only one team to call when asking for. “okay help him up there he’s gonna move hold him up go.i’m working right now start bringing him down.You’ve got him don’t cross the stream jamie now you’ll never slime a guy with a positron glider.”

Top 10 best urban movie this is a Ghostbusters is a 1984 supernatural comedy film.
Ghostbusters (1984)

1.harry potter series (2001):

Harry potter is an urban fantasy film series. created by jk rowling and stars daniel radcliffe rupert grint and emma watson.In this fantasy tale of a lifetime that enchant generations to come.

We are introduce into the magical world of witches and wizards following a young and charming boy. Suffering injustice from his foster parents he is give the chance to escape the dullness of life to encounter adventures. In the greatest school for wizards and witches hogwarts.


Harry potter is an Best urban fantasy film series
harry potter series



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