Top 10 Animated TV Series of the 2010’s.

Top 10 Animated TV Series of the 2010’s.

In this post i am going share about Top 10 Animates Tv Series of the 2010’s.

If you want to know more about the best Top 10 animated tv shows you should definitely watch our picks for Top 10 Animated TV Series of the 2010’s.

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Lets discussed about Top 10 Animated Tv Series of the 2010’s

10. Adventure time (2010):

This is a  “don’t make me use this man but i heard you guys were heroes we are heroes.adventure time is a fantasy animated television series.

Created by pendleton ward the show explores the extraordinary friendship of a 12 year old boy and his best friend.A wise 28 year old dog with magical powers to change size and shape at will.

They live in a post-apocalyptic land named ooh which was destroyed after a cataclysmic event call the mushroom war.Together they go on a series of surreal adventures against weird creature to fight for the future of their no man’s land.

“We thought you were trying to attack us.Why’d you break in you’re all mad squirting that juice all over us.It’s not bad juice it’s sad juice i have no one to love all right man we’ll help you hook up as long as you.

top 10 animated tv sires this series about adventure time is a fantasy animated television series.
Adventure time (2010)

9. Demon slayer (2019):

This is an anime action television series.Created by haruo sotozaki tanjiro is an intelligent . And kind boy who live in the mountains with his loving family.

After becoming the main income of his family when his father die.He  move to the town to sell charcoal on a daily basis.But everything change when his whole family get slaughter by a demon tanjiro.

And his sister being the only survivors he suddenly shows to be some “kind of human-like demon himself it’s time for revenge.

top 10 animated tv series this series about This is an anime action television series.Created by haruo sotozaki tanjiro is an intelligent
Demon slayer (2019)

8. steins gate (2011):

stein’s gate is a 2011 anime television series .Created by juki hanada this quite often hilarious journey follows self-claimed mad scientist rintaro.

Who run a lab alongside his friends in a small apartment while attending a conference about time traveling. The friends find a presumably dead body now on the track of a gigantic time travel mystery they must solve a riddle.

That go beyond their understanding of time and space in order to solve the task of a scientist’s lifetime.

steins gate (2011)

7. Gravity falls(2012):

Gravity falls “just the guy i wanted to see where were you, last night punching the clock you were at work? no i was punching that clock.”

gravity falls is an animate mystery comedy television series.Created by alex hirsch for their summer vacation 12 year old twins.Are left by their parents to stay in a small town with their weird uncle in the town of gravity falls.

Everything seems completely banal and boring but as it turns out nothing is as it seems.With the help of a mysterious journal found in.An even more mysterious forest the friends unlock a row of events that ask for exceptional detective work.

“So i guess you’ve never seen this before listen little girl hey actually i wouldn’t pick.

Gravity falls(2012)

6 . Vinland saga (2019):

Vinland saga 2019 is a historical anime television series.Created by shuhei yobata and makoto yukimura this incredibly refreshing tale of honor and journey of self-discovery.

Follows thorfin a young warrior who spend his childhood on the battlefield set , in dane control england.At the start of the 11th century it combines a dramatization of king knut the great’s historical rise to power.

With a revenge plot center on thorfin the son of a murdered ex-warrior, who serves under a group of mercenaries responsible for the deed.

Vinland saga (2019)

5. One punch man (2015):

This series  is a japanese superhero anime television series.Created by one this exceptional japanese superhero entry is telling the tale of saitama .Who after years of suffering through the hard training on.

There is learn the power of defeating his enemy with only one punch . But when he fight with every enemy there is the thrill of battle leaves him in boredom. But that will change when a mysterious cyborg call genos needs his help to join the hero association.


One punch man (2015)

4.Attack on titan (2013):

Attack on titan 2013 is a japanese dark fantasy anime television series. Created by yasuko kobayashi and hiroshiseko dark and apocalyptic times have emerged from the dark.

For the inhabitants of the world when gigantic humanoid beings eat people alive.The resisting population must hide behind enormous walls in order to survive .

We follow the enthusiastic boy aaron yeager who when his hometown gets burst by one of the titans swears vengeance. Together with his friends he will train and fight to end all of this horror.


in top 10 animated tv series this is Attack on titan 2013 is a japanese dark fantasy anime television series.
Attack on titan (2013)

3. Hunter x Hunter (2011):

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is an action-adventure anime television series. Create by yoshihiro tagashi. This exceptional story of finding your own way in life.

Follows young boy gone who one day discover that the father he thought he was dead is actually living well. As a mysterious hunter who left his kid with relatives he has proven himself an elite member of society.

Now attempting to do just like his father. Gon joins the elite academy to become a masterful hunter on his own terms.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 is an action-adventure anime television series.
Hunter x Hunter (2011)

2. Horseman (2014 ):

Horseman 2014 “The year 1984 movie’s over watch the next one oh i’m tire of watching movies bojack.” This is an adult anime television series. Created by raphael bob waxberg.

Things used to be smooth sailing for the anthropomorphic horseman. Bojack one of the most famous sitcom stars in Hollywood.

But thing have change and years later bojack is just a shadow of his former. Self cripple by depression and a life that has lost. Meaning he is living from day to day without a plan extremely.

Cynical dark humored and hilarious bojack horseman is deals with serious topics like depression.In a new drastically reimagin ” way do you think i’m a good person.Deep down that’s the thing i don’t think i believe in deep down , i kind of think all you are is just the things that you do.Well that’s depressing .


This is an adult animated television series. Created by raphael bob waxberg.
Horseman (2014 )

1. Rick and morty (2013):

Rick and morty 2013 “i’m look at me you make a request mr meeseeks open jerry’s stupid mayonnaise jar yes siree.” This is an adult animate science fiction sitcom.

Created by justin roiland and dan harmon. It has been describe as a never-ending fart choke wrapper around a stud look into nihilism. The story follows rick a genius alcoholic who return to his daughter beth’s life.

After two decades of silence between the two. He finds her with two teenage kid morty and summer and marry to an incompetent pathetic man name jerry rick. Make morty his sidekick and together they explore the infinite universes causing mayhem and running into trouble.

” i want to be popular at school okay summer .What did i just oh i’m mr meeps look at me uh well i want to be a more complete woman, yes oh yeah yes ma’am you guys are doing it wrong do .”


The story follows rick a genius alcoholic who returns to his daughter beth's life.
Rick and morty (2013)

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