New Education Policy 2020….

New Education Policy 2020


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New Education Policy

New Education Policy


The New Education Policy  2020 shares ideas to revamp education teaching assessment systems in schools colleges . After independence, 3 education policies have been formulate. The first was made in 1968 and the second was made in 1986 Which was slightly modified in 1992.This is India’s third education policy in 2020 because it was approved by the Cabinet, so we will call it NEP 2020.Although this policy was being formulate for 5 years, its draft was made public by the government in 2019.

Suggestions were sought on that, about 125000 suggestions have come from the public. According to HRD Ministry, those suggestions have also been incorporate in this final draft.Now we will understand the new education policy. Now the school formula has been change under the new education policy, now instead of ten+ two, this 5 +3 +3 + 4 has been done so now the government will focus on the education of the child from the age of 3 years.


The child’s school life will start from the age of 3 years. The child will attend school from the third year and will only do sports.In the first 3 years, he has to play only, in the remaining 2 years i.e. in the 1st and 2nd standard he will study, but in those 2 years he will not have any exam, only he has to study and do not give exam.This step has been taken in the mind of the child that there is no fear of school.



This is the second stage, it takes 3 years, from 8 to 10 years of age of the child. In this, the child goes to the third grade.Now he has to do the exam from third grade. In this stage, education plus activity is like this. The child can study in mother language or national language.

Middle stage:

In the middle state, the child will go to Six Standard.In this stage, children will be from six standard to 8 standard, from 11 years to 13 years of age.For this stage, the government has introduced a new thing that computer coding will be taught in the school.Vocational teaching will also be included in this phase. Vocational Teaching ie Carpenter Sewing Gardener etc.The rest of the normal subjects will also be such as Math, Science ,Social Science etc.In this, the student has to include any one Indian language.

New Education Policy

Secondary stage:

Secondary stage will start from ninth standard.In this stage, the child will be 14 to 18 years of age.That is, from class 9 to class XII.Now, the student will not have to do his studies by choosing a particular stream like before.Now the student can choose his favorite subject from any stream through multidisciplinary way.For example, if a student likes chemistry, biology and history, then he can choose that subject.That is, it would not be mandatory to choose such stream only science or only commerce.

In this, the student has to learn any one foreign language. Critical thinking has also been introduced in it.There will be semester pattern in it, meaning 2 semester exam in 1 year. And the marks of both exams will be count in the final result.The advantage of this pattern is that if one exam of a student has not gone well, then he can balance his result by bringing good marks in the second exam.

New Education Policy

Result pattern:

The result pattern has been change. The result will not be determine by the marks of the exam. Four factors will be combine to decide the result.





Along with the marks of the exam, the student will assess himself, will give marks to himself, his classmate will give him marks and the teacher will also give marks a students. It will be beneficial that the student will not rote only. So he will study knowledgeable. Assessing himself will increase his self-confidence. If friends give marks, then his behavior towards classmate good because of that. Quality will increase in him.


The duration of graduation is now 4 years.If you do fourth year then post graduation will be 1 year only. And if you do not do fourth year then post graduation will be 2 years. There will be a Academic Bank of Credit for digitally storing academic credits earn from different HEIs so that this can be transfer and count towards final degree earn. Foreign colleges will be permitted to open campus in India.

New Education Policy

Post Graduation:

There will be a Common Entrance Exam(CEE) For addmission. The NTA will conduct the CEE for addmissiona to university across the country. As we see before If you do fourth year then post graduation will be 1 year only and if you do not do fourth year then post graduation will be 2 years.Now MPhil is removed, you can do PhD directly.

New Education Policy


Teacher Recruitment:

New Education Policy

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