HTML For Beginners | Start Learning HTML…….

HTML For Beginners| Start Learning HTML….

In this Post i am going to Share information about HTML for Beginners to Learn html efficiently.

Beginners  Start Learning HTML with Details:

What is html?

Beginners Start Learning HTML  HTML is “Hyper Text Markup Language” it consists of web pages.Web pages consist of several different components. We’ve enumerated four that are quite common.

The “hypertext markup language” The code that comes down with the page and images. So how do we create these things and what do they actually look like and mean so.

What is a Web Browser or what Browser do?

  • A Web Browser is an application we all known that. When user request a web page from a sites or websites , the Web Browser access this information and show on the users device.
  • HTML is the hypertext markup language.You know the web protocol consisted of the original web standard. Consisted of the HTTP protocol which is used to exchange documents.
  • The names that we put in the browser the URL and HTML at the hypertext markup language. So it takes particular markup language that is used by browsers.
  • To take text documents that they get from a web server. And transform them into the documents. I’m just going to write HTML or showing you really the relationship between the HTML.

HTML page

<h1> First Heading</h1>
<h2> Second Heading</h2>
<h3> Third Heading</h3>
<h4> Fourth Heading</h4>
<h5> Fifth Heading</h5>
<h6> Sixth Heading</h6>


heading page


This is a simple tag of html for beginners. The beginning and the ending of the tag is important.Now tags this is how a tag opens brackets“<>” tag name .

The way it closes is quite similar except I have this forward slash “</>”so this closes the h1 tag. So the contents of the h1 tags start from here. and they go over it here consists of the sentence this is the” first page”.

  • We use h1 ,h2 ,h3, h4, h5, h6 for heading this tag called heading tag.
  • You saw the output than you realize that first tag content is a lager h1 says this an important  content.
  • h2 tag that also is another heading although it’s considered less important than an h1
  • h3,h4,h5 and h6 that is also heading although its considered less important than h2 .


html page:

<h1>This Heading</h1>
<h2> slightly smilar heading</h2>
<p>This is a paregraph.</p>
<p> Second Paragraph.</p>
<li>first Item</li>
<li>Second Item</li>


this is a html page for beginners to learn html
Html page

I’ve already written and how the page looks. The page contain the title that shows up in the browser address.The browser tab bar and things like that. here’s how it looks so if I served this page from a website. And you visited it here’s what it would look like in your browser.Now you can see that the browser has done some thing.

But let’s focus on the body because that’s the body is the important part of the page. That contains the content that you see typically. So this is a pretty simple web-page here’s how it looks. if you look over here here’s the HTML text.

And HTML the HTML markup language consists of various types of tags. That are opened and then closed so this is the body tag. You can see I’ve opened a body tag up here.Tags are in between these “<>” brackets so it’s open bracket tag name closed bracket “</>”.

You’ll see that those tags they don’t appear in the output. I don’t see a body the body tag anywhere. “All the tags that are part of the HTML has been removed by the browser”. But the browser uses them as information.

To determine how the page should look .So in the case of the body tag what the body tags tells the browser is this is the content should appear in the page body.

here the rest of the page consists of a couple of other elements that are quite common on HTML pages.Paragraph so a paragraph starts with a “<P>” tag and and closes with this”</p>”. So this could this defines a paragraph now within a paragraph. line breaks are not important.

I’ve created a second paragraph now.When I open and close a new paragraph the browser responds by putting a bit of extra whitespace in between those. The way you would expect in text right that’s how the paragraphs are typically set off from each other.

What is List?

  • And then the final element I threw up here just for fun.Is a little bit of a list so this is an a ul tag. opens the list and then you all consists of a series of Li tags at the list item.
  • So by format by writing markup like this what I see in the browser is this right here. first item second item and that’s the content of those Li tags.
  • You’ll notice that the browser used bullets to mark that up. If I change this ul tag to an O al tag you’ll notice that . This is format using numbers rather than bullets .
  • So this is an example of kind of the relationship between HTML on the left and the pages.Is actually render on the right now.One of the important things to keep in mind here is that. There are still a lot of decisions about how this page is being render. That aren’t contain in the HTML and that’s intentional.So for example what fonts do I use how much space is there between.
  • These various items you know how large are various elements those are all. Stylistic aspects of the page that are not incorporate in the HTML.
  • For beginners html is best language to learn. Here is a  important tips i want  to mention it . whenever you do coding or html first imagine the output of the code . more you imagine more efficiently you write code .
  • So always think first than do or one thing is very important when you open any tag immediately close there and than write a code within that . This is easy to identify  the error if you will face in error in  feature.wish you all the best for your feature stay home stay safe.





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