Domestic Violence Cases Have Risen During Lockdown

Domestic Violence Cases Have Risen During COVID-19 Lockdown


Domestic violence
Domestic violence
On the one hand there was a threat of the virus, on the other hand, they faced Domestic violence during lock-down at home at the hands of their own.
The statistics that came after the introduction of covid-19 shows that during this time all kinds of violence against women and girls, especially domestic Violence during l0ck-down has increased.
significantly The UN Women’s Association says that even before the epidemic, one in every three women in the world has suffered physical or violence at some point in their lives, even more than that at the hands of their partner, when the epidemic was controlled worldwide.

In Lock-Down:

During a lock down and many people lost their jobs, as the threat of domestic violence on women continue to increase. unsafe and the United Nations Women’s Association estimate that about one and a half million women around the world are under violence.

Every 3 months and a new data-base covid-19 outbreak of domestic violence in many countries Helpline numbers are getting more calls than ever before. It is also believe that domestic violence cases have increase by 40% in some countries.

India has been under a three-week lock down which start on March 24th 21-day. Lock-down due to the corona virus has been announce by the prime minister the country. Is almost in the middle of this entire lock-down process there are many challenges as far as this entire lock-down process across the country is concern there is another horrifying aspect of this lock down.

Which has now emerge with reports still coming in I’m talking about domestic abuse domestic violence against women there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases .

According to the National Commission for women which said that about 69 cases have been report from 24th of March to 1st of April. Now this in comparison to normal circumstances is a sharp increase. The National Commission of women in fact they attribute that many of these cases can be as a result because of frustration.

which is setting in and especially among men those who are sitting at their houses not able to go out to their work to other activities which in turn is being take out on the women. In their houses a very very disturbing scenario as far as the rising number of domestic violence cases.

Is concerned one or two complaints every day  they may not have not been able to reach to the police and they don’t want to go to the police because they are afraid that if husband comes out come from the police station after a day or two again he will torture and he/she can’t even move out.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence

Domestic Violence:

Now the big worry for the National Commission of women is that many of the women especially in the semi urban rural kind of setting they don’t know how to operate emails or send. you know just a message to save themselves as a complaint or to seek help most of these women right and with the Indian Post also getting affect.

The railways are not working the flights are not in fact taking the post from one place to another many of these women from the rural setting. Specially used to write and send letters to the NC WS complaints that is not coming in and that can also one reason that they are not getting the larger picture across the country .but this worrying phenomena this worrying trend is not only being report from India it has now become a global problem.

I’ll take you through some of the examples online services and domestic violence cases in United States has significantly increas. While the gender-based cases has doubled in India during the first week of the restricted movements.

There are cases of increase in the number of women not only being assault physically but also being murder in Turkey many of these cases have risen 90,000 gender-base violence cases have also been report from South Africa in generate Kingdom.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence

Domestic Violence Increasing Day by Day:

The National domestic abuse helpline has seen a 25% increase. In their call now in addition those trillion government has also report. A 75% increase. Online searches for support on domestic violence in France Minister. Has gone on record and given a statement that domestic violence raise 32% across France and 36 % in Paris.

The first week of the nationwide lock-down that was announc in France to fight the corona virus. Meanwhile this has been acknowledge at the highest level at United Nations. As well the UN General Secretary Antonio Marez has in fact say. That there is a horrifying trend of increasing the number of cases of domestic abuse and violence against women.

And he is call upon all the countries to react and act on this on urgent basis. In some countries the number of women calling support services as doubles. In wireless care provide and police are overwhelm and under staff local support groups are paralyze or short of funds.

Some domestic violence shelters are close others are food I urge all governments to make the prevention. And redress of violence against women. A key part of their national response plans for copy 19 this is a very horrifying side effect. As far as the lock-down due to corona-virus is concern while there’d be social and economic changes.

But this upward trend of violence against women is deeply disturbing. And to all the women there if there is an assault if there is any case of you know violence against, You or you are suffering at the hands of somebody in your house. Please pick up the phone dial the authorities call the police don’t suffer in silence make sure that you report these cases.

Domestic violence
Domestic Violence
By Catherine poultan
“This will affect the entire generation of children and women. We have gone back a decade from all the work we have done. For the equalization of women.
Girls are not able to go to school. Women’s jobs are gone, they are unable to go to work. Many of them also have responsibility for the home. This is a very dangerous situation.”
But the victim of domestic violence is not just on the poor women. Indus Disha is the United Nations ambassador and Thailand’s supermodel.

By cindy bishop:

“Violence takes many forms, such as emotional violence and self-neglected violence. When I look back, I know that it has happened to me many times. Before the fashion show, I got hurt from my friend’s love Had to hide from the mark mek-up.

We only talk to our girls.  ask them to protect themselves. Advise them not to go alone. But we do not say anything to the boys. We do not say respect and consent.”

s.m.s. What steps can be taken to stop the growing problem of the United Nations.At the beginning of this year. The UN Secretary-General talked about stopping ceasefire. At home means home violence.

By antonio guterres:

“I have appeal to end violence everywhere, but violence is not limit to the field of the world”

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